Extent of Injury

Hi my name’s Kim Wyatt, I’m the Managing Attorney of Bailey & Galyen’s Workers’ Comp Department.

You may be experiencing issues with what your injury is. The insurance adjuster may be labeling it as very minor, when you and your doctor think it’s way more severe than that. This is called extent of injury. What body parts are part of your injury? For example, the insurance might have accepted a contusion which is a bruise or a sprain/strain.

Your doctor, after having MRI or further testing has indicated that you have disc involvement in your lumbar or cervical areas. That is more severe of a condition. The insurance most typically will deny that, dispute it, and you will need to take it to a hearing in order to win those body parts. It is not a simple common sense approach as to what your injuries are. The insurance company generally tries to accept just the minimum injuries possible and you have to fight your way to get the more severe conditions.

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