Homeowners insurance doesn t just cover accidents at a home

As we know, serious injuries can happen any place at any time. Consider these actual cases. A teenager is walking down the aisle of a dark movie theater and trips over a person’s leg that was outstretched into the aisle. The teenager sustains a brain injury and broken teeth during the fall. Or a woman has just gone down the water slide at a water park and before she can move out of the way, a very large person goes down the slide too soon after her and slams into her at the bottom, fracturing bones in her face and blinding her in one eye. Or two men are deer hunting while intoxicated and one of them accidentally shoots the other in the back, paralyzing him. In each of these cases a person’s negligence caused someone to be seriously injured. Many people assume it would be a waste of time to make a claim against the negligent person because they think there is no liability insurance that would cover these accidents. Wrong.

A standard Texas homeowner’s insurance policy provides liability coverage to homeowners for injuries that occur anywhere as long as long as the injuries were caused by the activities of an insured. It doesn’t have to happen at home. So if a person’s negligence caused bodily injuries, his or her homeowners insurance company will be responsible for all of the injured person’s damages, including medical expenses, lost income, pain and suffering, mental anguish, and disfigurement, unless an exception applies. (There are exceptions for things like operation of a watercraft, injuries to employees, operating a business, and a few others.)

It is important to remember that whenever someone has been injured by the negligence or fault of another person at any location, during any activity, a board-certified personal injury attorney should be consulted. If the person who caused the injuries was a homeowner there is a good chance that an insurance company will cover the injuries. Contact our Personal Injury team at 844-402-4530 for a free case evaluation.