Tuesday, November 6, 2012 is election day. This is a personal injury blog. So, here are some important thoughts about casting your ballot, on election day, regarding personal injury cases:
1. VOTE!!

2. VOTE for candidates who will preserve your right to hold wrongdoers accountable.

3. VOTE for candidates who will not support corporate immunity.

4. VOTE for candidates who will not support tort reform. For those of you who do not know what tort reform is, it is the changing of laws regarding filing lawsuits to receive compensation for personal injuries.

5. VOTE for candidates who will uphold and enforce the constitution, not change it.

6. VOTE for candidates who will not block citizens access to the courthouse while widening that access to corporate America.

7. Remember what the candidates said about each other in the primary elections. It is still true.

8. Whether you vote for a republican or democrat, make sure you know the entire political package of the candidate and do not settle for a grab-bag of political agenda for the one or two soundbites you like from the candidate.

9. Generally, republicans support tort reform and democrats to not.